Jean Benetone has assembled the worlds best Soul, Funk, Disco, Electro & House Music with classics and beyond rarities, hits and samples from the latest music and future artists. Jean Benetone has since the early nineties remixed and featured sophisticated and premium music at clubs and events around the world with live musicians or solo with percussion ( congas, drums, percussion and vocals ) LIVE! An experienced performance DJ with a special topper that costs a bit more than a regular mix. But with the double effect on your party. Each event is composed with a sense of style and well chosen music for special events and international nightclubs. JB also act as a dynamic audiodesigner / program manager / mc / confrencier or host on request. Styled music for all types of Dancefloors and Events for conscious clients worldwide by a experienced and urban dj, musician and performer.

A dream come true for Clubs and Event Agencies.

The superduo Benetone Avec Zimny presents a DJ LIVE performance with congas, percussion, drums & saxophones. DJ, Vocals & Live Instruments in a remix. Crossover & Performance DJs are the new stars of the 21st century. The new breed of DJs alone replaces the cover bands and live performances in the clubs all over the world today. In a time when age is nothing but a number the DJ brings different generations together and spreads old school vibes and brand new beats positive heat and to the dancefloors and creates unforgettable memories for the guests.

We still present extra ordinary live bands and artists, but DJ LIVE with congas, drums, percussion, afrobeats, saxophones, guitars, keyboards that performs live with the DJ is our thing today. We can also complete the night with star vocalists that performs to the DJ sets. The most amazing way to enhance the club experience for your guests today.

With Jean Benetone as a performance DJ and LIVE on Congas & Percussion with Pete Zimny on saxophones mixed with electric effects and the best Electro, Disco & House Music creates a high energy party with international clubfeel of this duo that plays all around the world today. The original superduo deluxe since 1999. Chill out and international sophisticated housemusic for beachclubs and premium parties. A dangerous mix of soulful housegrooves and electro beats with live instruments and vocals for international clubs.

The BLVCK SOULS is a premium dj live house MUSIC experience created by JEAN BENETONE. Jean Benetone as a performance DJ & Vocalist with Live Congas, Latin Percussion & Housedrums supported by the amazing Saxophone Player Pete Zimny & Super Guitarist Gabriel Forsman. This trio also features the artist Linda Varg and others since 2022. A modern and funky DJ Live show with good vibes only. Presenting international pop icons like Dua Lipa to Diana Ross, Rhianna to Lady Gaga, Aviici to Abba and many more.

Sometimes a night starts with DJ and Percussion vibes with live guitar to sophisticated funky lounge music.  After a while the Saxophone takes everything to another level and with the Artist on stage we transform BLVCK SOULS to a premium club performance in a ROCKIN´New Yorkan or Miami style with a soulful twist. All events and performances is tailor-made to fit in perfect for your audience and venue. It can be small and sophisticated and glamorous with a BIG production. It´s all up to you.This is a live music concept that delivers a full night with musical experiences brought to you by BLVCK SOULS, The Disco Club.

Designed for vip-parties, clubs and premium events & arrangements.

DJ LIVE DELUXE, with Jean Benetone & guestartists all mixed up in a Cocktail & Dancefloor Partymix. Crossover & Performance DJ´s are the new stars of the 21st century. The new breed of DJ´s alone replaces the coverbands and live performances in the clubs all over the world today. In a time when age is nothing but a number the DJ brings different generations together and spreads old schoolgrooves and brand new beats with good vibes only as a concept to the dancefloors. Beats of Benetone presents swedish professionals, musicians and stars on vocals in designed and tailormade entertainment concepts for types of events and clubs at the beach or riviera. All directed by performance dj and vocalist Jean Benetone from the center of the stage.

An eclectic dj live duo from consisting of Gabriel “Space Funk” Forsman on guitar Avec Jean Benetone as a performance DJ on vocals and percussion/beats & drums.

Both swedish natives but with American roots, the duo playes performing music across all genres (soul-funk-pop-house-rock),, but during the summer of 2020 they decided to create an entertaining and ROCKING live house music act with live instruments on top of beats, to perform in selected luxury environments and clubs. In a few hours these starfunkers build an energy and international atmosphere for dancing guests in the nightclub or for events where the crowd enjoys a destination experience with champagne to sexy housemusic. But they also ROCK OUT the classics in remixed versions. Party rock of the classics and new hits in remix presented by ROCK DE LUXE featuring a modern live remix with Prince, Billy Idol, Kiss, ACDC, Eurythmics, Queen, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, U2 and many more.

Perfect for parties, clubs and premium arrangements.


Presented with Annica “Blondy” Svensson that leads a sparkling DJ Live show with her amazing voice and artist presence as one of Scandinavias most demanded artists on stage. Presenting international pop icons like Beyonce, Diana Ross, Rhianna, Lady Gaga and many more. She performs with the A-Team with LIVE saxophone, congas, drums, guitar and more musicians on demand.

She brings the dancers Amaze on special occasions. Sometimes the night starts with Annica by the piano for an international lounge vibe and ends with a club performance where she leads the show as it would feel on a major stage in New York or Miami. She also ROCKS OUT the rock classics as a superstar, when needed.

The A-team serves jazz lounge and bossanova tones to the aperitif at the nightclub or corporate party. The dance floor is always filled with good vibes and a mix of the classics and modern hits with the A-Team. All events and performances is tailor-made to fit in perfect for your audience and venue. It can be small and sophisticated and glamorous with a BIG production. It´s all up to you.This is a live music concept that delivers a full night with musical experiences brought to you by THE A-TEAM.

Designed for vip-parties, clubs and premium events & arrangements.


Our amazing performing dance duo from the heart of Greater Copenhagen adds energy, visuality and show to our artists and dj live concepts in an international manner. Both professionally educated in crossover dance genres to fit any style of premium event and club, these fantastic dancers make you escape to a parisian cabaré or a nightclub in New York with a mix of modern yet classic moves.  Amaze creates an entertaining added value to every occasion in costume and high heels and also acts like show characters in designed brand experience concepts.

Amaze dance at selected premium environments, activities, events and clubs.


The legendary horn section performs with leading Scandinavian artists and shows on demand and as a party booster with DJ Benetone for premium events and parties. With LIVE energy, visuality and showmanship this trio makes any house or stage rise to the occasion. Professional horn arrangements with saxophone, trumpet and trombone. A brass section that can add vibes for shows, concerts, live bands and dj deluxe performances at any venue. A mix of classic Earth Wind & Fire + Bruno Mars sounds in a produced LIVE experience for star people. This trio adds value to every event.

The Avatar Horns plays selected shows, vip parties, premium events and clubs.



The legendary live band STARFUNK performs Champagne Soul & Funky Hits in a dancefloor mix made in heaven since 1999.

In 1999 Jean Benneth aka Jean Benetone started Sweden’s funkiest and most star glittering party band, STARFUNK. With a family of funk musicians from both sides of the Copenhagen bridge and guest artists from all over Scandinavia, the band has been on tour and delivered success on all types of scenes ever since. As an amazing grand deluxe band with 8 musicians or a classic funk quartet. We supported artists and backed up TV & event productions worldwide for years. And do so continuously today. We feature live music for all types of events. Soul, Funk & Disco. Looks hot with a lot more feeling and extra importantly, LIVE music!

The souldiva extra-ordinaire LAILA ADÉLE leads the band since 2006 in a BIG VERSION with all musicians, but also in smaller concepts with 2-4 live musicians in dj live acts, designed to impress. For the dance floor, Starfunk & Laila Adéle presents sparkling versions of music by Diana Ross, Destiny’s Child, Chic, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Sister Sledge, Brand New Heavies, Prince, James Brown and well chosen new hits in a contemporary & bubbling mix. With a star-glittering diva at the microphone and a GRAND DELUXE band with 8 musicians at best. The SOUL QUARTET is also assembled for smaller yet more sophisticated incentives. This is live music at the highest level with energy and SOUL.

Special Events, Corporate Events & International Nightclubs.

Funky Soul & RnB Show. Presents a Soul, Funk & RnB Collection Live in a Remix. Classic Soul & Funk mixed up with 8o´s crossover HITS and contemporary RnB, L I V E by 4 automatic men and a funkbox. Guitar-Saxophone-Congas-Percussion-Keyboards and massive vocals.

Party music of the classics and new hits in remix presented by the fantastic four, musicians from Starfunk. Featuring a modern live remix with Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Usher, Chromeo, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang, Beyoncé, Rhianna, Robyn, Maroon 5, James Brown  and many more.

Special Events & Corporate Events.


Chunky Funk has a mission. With their deep passion for old soul and funk music, they want to bring it back to focus and with a modern touch to recreate old classics from Prince, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin. Of course, they do not forget today’s soul stars but also rely on interpretations by Justin Timberlake, D’angelo, Janet Jackson and John Mayer.

The chunky ones perform as a duo to the sophisticated lounge party and can be expanded on demand to a 4-6-8 piece PARTY band. Welcome to enjoy the caressing soul and nice swing and feel how it starts to tug at the dance muscles. I´ts soft and soulful, funky and energetic.Let´s get your groove on!

Perfect for parties, clubs and premium arrangements.